in Love..

Is it the person? or the idea of him? or the vibe? or is it moment? or are you in love with the way its easier now, to breathe? I fell in love with a lot of things. To sum it all up, It was the moment perhaps that i fell for. I saw him, [...]


Rant, with all due respect.

I’ve heard a lot of ‘why do you write?’ but I wonder why no one asks Why I don’t write anymore?. But I can’t help it you see it’s like an addiction, these words, this self expression. It’s not a right it’s a privilege. I’m honored, not scared of it. You know I’m not afraid [...]


Taking off the jewels from around my neck. So delicately cutting the oxygen from my breath. Do they not know that I can feel? The evil they wish to proceed. I take off my watch. I am sane you see. Can't they feel? Trying to pierce through my skin so easily. I lay in bed. [...]


Sometimes I wonder if things that seem like normal or casual conversation when we hear someone say them are actually as shallow like what if they really have a deeper meaning than the one portrayed? Like Shakespeare's quotes like "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell [...]

Two-faced 2

They say time heals everything Then why does it hurt waking up every morning Knowing its not worth it Time doesn't heal it hides The pain behind the smile The screams behind the laughter And the scars behind a mask With time we learn to hide our sadness Our tears Crying in the bathroom Enduring [...]